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The Designed4Solar (D4S) platform features various products that have been validated as specially designed (or converted) to fit solar panels, enabling various solutions in the cleanest, safest, most affordable manner. By combining solar power and advanced technology, the D4S products empower people everywhere with life-changing opportunities, leading the world into a more inclusive and sustainable future.

All products featured on the platform comply with strict standards to ensure optimal application and usage of solar energy:



Low voltage

Proven, validated suppliers


From the most remote rural communities in Africa to the most advanced cities on Earth, solar power is on the rise. With the need for sustainable power soaring and the price of solar systems decreasing, tens of millions of people all over the world are able to enjoy the benefits of power through solar. 

By highlighting the most advanced solutions that are designed to best fit the unique traits of solar energy, we provide people everywhere with validated, high-quality technology, supporting development in an affordable and sustainable manner.

After submitting a product, our team of experts runs a thorough examination of both the supplier and the technology. Only after validating the supplier, the solution, and the product’s adjustability to solar PVs, our team marks the product as a D4S approved, adding it automatically to our global offerings list.

The registration process 

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