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Ignite Medical Services (IMS)

Ignite Medical Services (IMS) is reshaping healthcare in rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa by developing advanced, designed-for-solar technology, tailor-made for on-field diagnosis and treatment.

With under-developed infrastructure, the lowest number of doctors per capita (as low as 2.2 per 10,000 people), and over 90% of properly trained medical staff working in the big cities, hundreds of millions of people are insufficiently diagnosed and treated.

We are here to disrupt this reality.


It's time for a holistic, tailor-made solution

We transform remote health centers to state-of-the-art clinics by utilizing advanced technology and solar power.


The IMS solution is designated for the needs of remote medical teams, providing early symptom detection, connectivity, diagnostics, monitoring, training, and data analysis, in the most energy-efficient, sustainable way possible.

Our technologies:

The SDS-16: Non-invasive blood test system, utilizing computer vision to conduct a wide range of tests, allowing for fast, smart and affordable detection. The SDS-16 provides laboratory-grade results on the spot, while eradicating the need for costly and lengthy laboratory tests. 

The SDS-X1: Extremely energy-efficient X-ray diagnostics kit, providing high-quality imaging and interpretation on the field, addressing Covid-19, TB, and medical related emergencies.

The SDS-US: Allowing remote medical teams to run advanced ultrasound tests while enjoying remote support and analysis, addressing pregnancy-related risks, heart and lung conditions,  and more.

Advanced connectivity solution: Enables full online connectivity to all clinics and health centers, allowing for training, consultations, and guidance at all times.

Our Impact

  • Enables for advanced, technology-based medical diagnosis for those who need it most

  • Solar-powered, highly energy efficient 

  • Various medical indices are given in under 4 minutes

  • Eradicates the need for costly and lengthy lab tests

  • Easy to use, no need for trained medical staff to operate 

  • Empowers remote medical teams 

  • Reduces hospital overload

  • Enables data-driven, smart decision making

  • Providing basic diagnostics for last-mile communities.

  • Reducing the need for invasive tests.

  • No need for any biohazard disposable materials.

  • Lowering the chances of infection.

  • Giving insights for medical monitoring of a wide population.

Supporting medical teams during the Covid-19 pandemic

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