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Solar Home Systems

A wide selection of solar panels, ranging from 10-1000 MW. All basic offerings include USB chargers, long-lasting lithium battery, life-prolonging charger, rechargeable radio, and fixed lamps. Systems can be upgraded according to individual needs. All products are Lightning Global (LG) certified and come with a back-to-back warranty.

Agriculture is the main industry of most African countries, yet productivity levels are extremely low in comparison to the rest of the world, with one of the main issues being the lack of proper irrigation. Solar-based irrigation systems are utilizing the continent’s most viable resource, sunlight, in distributing water properly, saving costs and labor and boosting productivity for local farmers.


Solar-Based Agriculture

By developing Agri-Business Hubs, Ignite is incorporating advanced technology, capital, and unique know-how in a structured process, accompanying farmers and providing attractive returns for project investors.

Reinforcing agriculture, the hubs are benefiting both the people, governments, and investors, allowing for long-term prosperity and growth.


Agri-Business Hubs

Improved stoves for domestic use, designed specifically for maximizing energy, resulting in a tremendous reduction of the consumption of combustible elements (wood or coal). The affordable product saves up to 50% of household spending on cooking, which accounts for a significant share of the average household expenditure in Africa, while reducing fire hazards and indoor pollution.


Improved Cooking Stoves

As hundreds of millions of people lack medical treatment due to underdeveloped infrastructure and limited resources, we utilize cutting-edge technology to empower remote medical teams by enabling on-ground triage, training, and guidance. Our first-of-its-kind, solar-based remote diagnostic device allows for various medical indices given on the spot, allowing for fast, smart detection of the patient’s condition while eradicating the need for costly and lengthy lab tests.


Remote Medical Devices

Ignite is transforming financial reality for millions of unbanked people, providing them with a secure, affordable way to transfer money and enjoy financial services for the first time.

We do so by leapfrogging the current legacy systems and practices, reducing transaction friction while cutting current global capital transaction fees by 50-80%, allowing a bigger share of the transfer to reach its destination.


Remote Payments Solution


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