Our Approach 

Best-in-Class solar systems, including home lighting, cooking stoves, and irrigation products. All products are LG certified with back-to-back warranties and upgradable per individual needs


Local Employment

More than 3500 local installers and a highly experienced support team allow for rapid expansion and excellent service

Payment Model

Pay-As-You-Go model with payments made via mobile money, allow for an all-inclusive operation and provide our customers with access to a broader product set

Affordability Above All

Ignite Power's projects are designed to be the most affordable in the world. We collaborate with all stakeholders to design and implement a lean, high-quality operation.

High Scalability Potential

One of the key factors when implementing a project is its scalability potential, focusing on robust markets and large economies of scale that allow for rapid growth.

High Impact

Ignite focuses on projects that present an opportunity for massive change. Hundreds of millions live with no electricity access in rural Africa due to their geographical distance from the grid; for these communities, off-grid solutions offer immense potential.

Market Segmentation

With global initiatives focused on achieving sustainable energy for all by 2030, local governments in Africa are coming to the realization that connecting to the grid is simply not an option for those living in rural, remote communities. Ignite focuses on the Solar Energy market, offering the best off-grid, sustainable solution that enables rapid scalability and growth.

Corporate Governance

We worked hard to design our operations model based on the needs and interests of our customers, relevant governments, financiers, shareholders, and management. Utilizing decades of combined experience in various fields, Ignite’s management team is committed to finding an equilibrium that ensures both success and growth for everyone involved.


Realizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UN created a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve by the year 2030, addressing our world’s most pressing challenges and needs. The SDGs are “the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”, affecting the UN’s projects and budget. Ignite Power is a dominant contributor in achieving those goals, influencing 15 out of its 17 sections including economic development, climate change, quality education, gender equality and more, and directly fulfilling SDG #7: “affordable and clean energy for all”.

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