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"Ignite launches an innovative project, equipping remote clinics with solar-based technology"

The New Times

More innovative and groundbreaking ventures: The field of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa presented, as mentioned, a tremendous challenge for many years, long before the outbreak of the corona pandemic. But familiar problems usually lead to familiar solutions; These have been tried many times before, and have not led to the desired effect. On the contrary, new problems allow for a new and innovative perspective, one that can succeed where so many have failed in the past.

To date, tremendous efforts have been made to improve basic infrastructure, such as the electrification of clinics. But this effort results in only a limited impact. Now, the spread of the virus in Africa has led many companies and ventures to offer new perspectives. Ignite, for example, launched an innovative project to equip remote clinics with advanced, solar-based medical technology. Other ventures promote telemedicine services, smart deliveries of medical equipment to remote communities, data collection via smartphones, and more. These projects will enable new solutions and can affect not only the medical teams fighting the pandemic, but the entire field of healthcare in the region.

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