Ignite Power breaks affordability record, providing modern energy access for under 25¢ per week

ABU DHABI, UAE, January 7, 2020,/ -- Ignite Power is launching a new service that will break all records for low-cost energy access in Africa, with its most affordable plan to date. For just 90¢ a month, less than 25¢ per week, customers can now enjoy modern lighting and phone charging in the comfort of their own homes for the first time, impacting their day-to-day life in the most affordable way possible. The service also includes a mobile wallet, allowing the client to make mobile payments for the first time, providing access to the digital finance world.

Ignite’s new, inclusive pricing 90¢ per month plan is launched with the goal of connecting some of the most isolated communities in rural Africa. The households that are connected are below the poverty line, and many struggle to afford basic products and services without support. Ignite’s project will provide modern energy to some of the people who need it the most, and is enabled through a collaboration with EnDev, a global energy access partnership which promotes sustainable energy across the globe. With the support of the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and Sweden, EnDev is focusing on new business models to support people in the greatest need around the world.

Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy and former member of the High-Level Advisory Group of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, who serves as a member of Ignite Power’s Advisory board, said: “What this new service does is to solve one of the major dilemmas in providing energy access to the very poor. If you make it completely free, that is a recipe for inefficiency, abuse, and poor maintenance; but if you charge even a nominal amount, transaction costs quickly mount up. Ignite’s innovation is to reduce transaction costs to nearly zero, so that these very poor families can be treated as the real customers that they are”.

The EnDev collaboration takes Ignite’s vision for inclusiveness to a whole new level. Angela Homsi, Ignite Power’s Co-founder, said: “We are constantly working to provide our customers with the most affordable price plans possible, and will continue to do so, until we will connect everyone, everywhere”. The new project will enable customers to enjoy a modern solar system in their home, including 3 light bulbs and a cellphone charger. Customers also enjoy full warranty and service for 3 years for all products. All customers' payments are done digitally, through an e-wallet, saving customer costs, and opening them to the world of finance.

Ignite’s business model – based on economies of scale and uncompromised effort to reach extreme affordability – has been built within the framework of IRENA’s (the International Renewable Energy Agency) Africa 2030 Road Map for Energy Access. Based on current cost trends and innovative program designs like Ignite’s 90¢ plan, universal energy access can be achieved by 2030, as outlined in IRENA’s latest Renewable Power Generation Cost Report, published in May 2019.

The 90¢ project is another step for Ignite Power on the road to connecting hundreds of millions across Africa to clean, affordable power. “We still have a long way to go to provide universal access to modern energy services, irrespective of people’s location or earnings,” says Liebreich. “However, I have no doubt that we can, and will get there this decade. This type of service is a very important tool if we are to ensure no one is left behind.”


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