“Ignite Power is focused on areas of urgent importance" (Forbes)

By Anne Field, Forbes "Over the past month or so, nonprofit impact investment firm ImpactAssets has heard the same question from an increasing number of clients alarmed by the economic and health fallout from the pandemic: What can we do? With that in mind, the firm recently announced the launch of the ImpactAssets COVID Response Fund, a hybrid of fast-action charitable giving and flexible impact investing with an initial capacity of more than $1 billion. “This fund is, in large part, in response to the demand we’re seeing, conversations we’re having directly with clients,” says Margret Trilli, ImpactAssets President and Chief Investment Officer. (...) Regarding ventures focused on areas of urgent importance, Ignite Power, which serves customers in remote areas of Africa with solar power, is a great example: 'We’re focused on companies that would be sorely missed if they didn’t survive,' she says".

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