Ignite signs agreement to connect 1,800,000 people in Mozambique

February 19, 2019 | MIREME Ignite Power is pleased to announce the signing of the Implementation Agreement to provide electricity to 1.8 Mozambicans in rural areas, 1.2 of whom are children, by 2021. The project was signed with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, that has been working vigorously to supply the country's entire population with a steady supply of electricity by 2030 as part of the National Electrification Strategy.

Currently, only 26.2% of Mozambique’s population has access to the national electricity grid. Ignite Moçambique project will supply off-grid access to 6.2% of the population, providing them with first-time access to life-changing devices.

“Through technology and our unique model, we can provide users with safe, affordable and renewable electricity at the lowest pricing plan in Africa,” says Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power CEO. “Our solar energy solutions are optimized for large scale rural electrification programs designed to reach the vast areas, with rapid deployment at scale”.

The company provides its users with unique solar panels that supply 24 hours of power. A pay-as-you-go payment model was devised and fitted for the specific market, allowing users to pay a very low monthly fee ($6 per month) until they end up owning the system. The new partnership will not only be providing millions with electricity but will also be creating 3800 new jobs in the local economy. "Ignite Mozambique was chosen as a partner after a long and laborious evaluation process with our teams from the Ministry and the National Energy Fund, FUNAE. Ignite financial capacity, advanced solar solutions, and experience implementing large-scale electrification projects that gave us the comfort to proceed” said the holder of the Mineral Resources and Energy portfolio.

Ignite Advisory Board Member Michael Liebreich said: “This is a landmark deal, not just for Ignite Solar but for the whole prepaid solar sector. Over 500 million people in Africa still have no access to electricity; to play a leading role in serving this market, prepaid solar rooftop providers need to roll out their solutions by the million, not by the tens of thousands or even the hundreds of thousands.

Ignite Mozambique programme, building on the model they developed for Rwanda, is the future.”The new partnership will allow Ignite to expand its activities in Southern Africa and provide millions more with a steady supply. “This is only the beginning. There is a substantial, ever-growing need for alternative energy solutions in Africa. Tens of millions of families are living without energy access, and Ignite will provide them with a safe and affordable supply of electricity”.

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