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"Ignite turned the home-solar market on its head", says Annan report

"In our last report, we highlighted Ignite Power’s national programme for Rwanda, which was underway. The programme was built to connect 250,000 homes in Rwanda using close collaboration with the government and local utilities.

The programme is now in full speed, connecting close to 300 homes every day (1,500 people) and scaling up to 500 daily. It continues to grow rapidly, 6 months ahead of target, influencing both the market and the economy. Hundreds of solar entrepreneurship have been created and four new suppliers have been attracted to the country.

As a result, the products under the Ignite programme are 40 per cent more affordable than any comparable product in the market that is not in the programme, doubling the total addressable market for solar home systems in the country."

Page 34 - Lights, Power, Action: Electrifying Africa

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