Karyadu, Sierra Leone’s first 100% solar village was connected by Ignite Power in only 6 hours

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On Sunday, the families of Karyadu woke up to a new reality and a brighter future filled with opportunities and potential. From now on, all the families in the village will enjoy lights in the dark, their kids will be able to read at night, they can charge their mobile phone during the day without traveling to the nearby city, they can live more safely and build a more modern way of life. With lighting in the school, classes can go on later in the day, and students can make homework at home after class. Whole communities that have for too long lived in difficult conditions will now see their quality of life improved tremendously.

Ignite Power team of engineers started the work on Sunday at 2 pm on Sunday and persevered until the work was completed that same day, eager to make sure all houses in the village had light before the night, for the first time. Ignite Power Sierra Leone has been connecting homes in the rural villages of Sierra Leone for the past 2 years, with increasing demand from homes to be connected to modern energy.

The advantages of solar power at home are many: they include households’ savings from the start, much higher productivity and less waste of time and money for all, better children education, better health and safety for the family and a better environment for women.

Connecting Karyadu village to solar power for the first time is an important milestone for Sierra Leone. The Rapaport Group which initiated the deployment has been playing a leading role in driving sustainable economic development in the country and in enhancing worldwide awareness of the potential of Sierra Leone and its people. “We believe that development comes through empowerment and that the private sector has a vital role to play in driving sustainable and scalable solutions to help develop Sierra Leone. A little light in the dark not only enables people to stay awake after the sun sets - it also sparks hope and determination that together we can create a brighter tomorrow for each other” said Ezi Rapaport.

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