Keeping the Light On, Together

Support rural families in sub-Saharan Africa during the COVID-19 crisis for only $1.5


Home quarantine is not easy for anyone.

Imagine being quarantined with no electricity.


The coronavirus is affecting all of us in different ways. For millions of families throughout Africa, being quarantined and not going to work means not being able to afford even the most basic necessities. Many of these families were recently connected to electricity for the first time in their lives through home solar systems and affordable payment plans; Yet, the recent outbreak is preventing them from paying their electricity bill, leaving millions of men, women, and children in the dark. 


Being in the dark means no light to read and learn, no ability to charge cellular devices and keep in touch with loved ones, and no radio to stay updated with news and government guidelines. 


We can avoid it. But we need your help.

Keeping the light on together!
Join us and many supporters from all over the world

THANK YOU for your support! 

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